Knowing burning las vegas...

A lot can change in twenty years, and events are bigger business than ever. Back then in Nashville nobody but Burning Las Vegas was pioneering their BLV brand with a choreographed, high energy multi-vocal front line. Nowadays it almost seems like an industry standard.

But here's something that hasn't changed: Burning Las Vegas does it better.

Better, because they can list all the celebrity name checks and society calendar landmarks if it’s what you need, but they know that right now, if you’re reading this, it’s really only your event that matters.

Better, because they deliver a concert level experience out of an event level package. Superior sound and stage production technology, with the command, proficiency and emotional commitment of a concert level performance.  Burning Las Vegas will elevate the moment higher, sustain it longer, because they engage the moment authentically, see where it needs to go, and know how to take it there.  No gimmicks, no novelty hats...Burning Las Vegas doesn't imitate, they emulate.

It’s simple to say, much harder to achieve: Burning Las Vegas does it better.