Burning Las Vegas is fully bonded and insured.  Binder available upon request.  If client needs their company added to the binder there will be an additional charge of $150.


24' wide by 16' deep

Minimum of 18" height but prefer 24"-36" inches if venue has the trim height.

Minimum of 4' easement on each side and 2' on rear of stage if drape is being implemented

Stage must be completely level and all decks must be mechanically joined together for tight fit

PA will go in front of the down stage corners and not on the stage.


If the event is held on any floor other than ground level there must be a service elevator accessible to the band so that equipment can roll to the designated floor.  Furthermore, all equipment must be able to roll from the trailer to the stage free of stairs, grass, gravel, or anything that is not a hard, man-made flat surface.  In the event this is not possible purchaser must provide six bonded, and insured stagehands to help with load-in and load-out.  Burning Las Vegas assumes no liability for the health and/or welfare of said stagehands.


Depending on production size Burning Las Vegas will require three to six 20 amp circuits located within 20' of the stage.  Generators are often used for outdoor events but must be advanced and approved with Burning Las Vegas prior to date of show.  Failure to advance could prevent performance if the wrong specification of generator is provided.


Burning Las Vegas must have a hard surface roadway leading to venue or tent.  Furthermore there must be a hard man-made surface that allows for rolling of all gear directly to the stage uninterrupted by grass, soil, gravel, mud, water, etc...  In the event the path to stage is grass and becomes saturated with water the purchaser must provide and 8' wide path with 3/4" plywood to the stage for both load-in and out.  Labor of installing and/or removing will not be the responsibility of Burning Las Vegas.  Under no circumstances will Burning Las Vegas allow a tow vehicle to pull truck and trailer to or from the stage. 

Load in & out:

Burning Las Vegas will require up to 3 hours to load-in show and up to 2.5 hours to be completely loaded out and vacate venue.  These times are dependent upon level of production.

Room(s) at venue:

Purchaser must provide a room that is exclusive to Burning Las Vegas from load-in to load-out.  Room must be climate controlled, have seating for 11, and tables for dining.  This room must be lockable as it will be used for costume changes.  If there is not a single room that can provide the above requirememnts multiple rooms may be used.


Burning Las Vegas will require 10-13 meals at the completion of soundcheck and at least 90 minutes before showtime.  Meal must be a hot nutritious meal consisting of a protein, a side and salad.  Please provide one vegetarian option.  Protein can be beef, chicken or salmon.  No deep-fried food please.  Please provide water, tea, soft-drinks (sprite & coke) and all condiments with meal.

bottled water at stage:

Please provide two cases of room temp bottled water at stage prior to performance.  Water must be bottled to prevent spilling into gear during performance.

hotel accommodations:

Please provide hotel accommodations no further than a 10 minute drive from venue.  Choose a location that is en route to Nashville TN.  NO BUDGET HOTELS (i.e. Motel 6, Red Roof, etc...) or SMALL INDEPENDENT HOTELS accepted.  Provide 3 star or above.